COVID-19 outbreak – Greece -World – FALCON ACTIONS

Communication letter to all Interested Parties

v. 26/3/2020 – Update no.3

• As the situation with the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak continues to evolve, we want to reassure you that Falcon is doing everything, reasonably possible, to minimize service disruptions to our valued customers and reassure health and food safety.

• As part of our continued efforts to keep our employees healthy and safe and to ensure business continuity we have initiated our Crisis Team and have taken decisions, preventive and corrective actions as internally evaluated.

• Our crisis team is continually being updated with government and World Health Organization (WHO) restrictions and guidelines and has decided:


• Implementing Governmental legislation as of 06:00 23/3/2020 for general restriction of citizen movements.

• Implementing a 14-day quarantine for anyone visiting a risk area designated by the government showing any symptoms of COVID-19 and/or exposed to another individual with the COVID-19 disease.

• Isolating all personnel being exposed to/travelling from high risk designated areas until further notice.

• Reducing number of office personnel to a minimum, implementing distance working at optimum level

• Splitting shifts according to operator skills so that business is kept operational even with worst case scenario of contamination.

• Ceasing of live/ face to face meetings with suppliers and customers and replacing with Skype meetings.

• Prohibiting access to on all non-company personnel into all Falcon company operating locations.

• Providing health equipment: masks, gloves, disinfectants to all positions and health instructions.

• Implementing periodical microbial disinfection of facilities and offices based on risk analysis.

• Proving internal communication by top management to all employees further to the measures needed and report any suspect symptoms as well as contact to exposed people to disease. Continuous updates on the outbreak via noticeboard and email communication.


• Requesting to all suppliers to provide actions regarding virus outbreak influence to product and supply disruptions.

• Evaluating alternative routes and supply chain solutions to facilitate sourcing logistics and delivery, considering extra stocks and constantly collecting relevant data to schedule at optimum.

• Implementation of special handling instructions are at Falcon entrances for deliveries: – communicating Falcon procedure to driver responsible for delivery – loading/transporting companies

– health questionnaire completed by the driver of goods, availability gloves and masks

– handling of paper documents with gloves from driver or courier service

– paper documents that stay in the premises are entering a stove before opening

• Implementation of internal cleaning and disinfection schedule according to risk analysis for Factory/WHs/Offices personnel, reviewing the fundamental food hygiene rules (intensifying hygiene routines: washing hands process, changing of outfits, using PPE etc)

We are constantly monitoring the situation and adjusting our operations accordingly. We will update you as the situation changes.

We are positive that all joined efforts will minimize risks.