Our Honey factory in Athens has the production capacity to process different kinds of honey and has standardized procedures to maintain the highest quality. Our customers are in Industry, Ho.Re.Ca & Retail. Each year we also export Full Container Loads to Europe.

We are specialized in choosing only the best types of honey: Polyflora, Wild Flowers, Acacia, Forest, Oak, Pine, Heather, Thyme, Fir, Chestnut and even more specialty honeys. 

We distribute honey in a number of packaging options from jar to tanks. 

Glass jar 320g / 400g / 900g

Plastic bucket 5, 15, 25, 45kg

Tin container 25kg

Metal Barrel 290kg

IBC tanks 1250kg

Special type tanks

We partner directly with beekeepers in Greece and Bulgaria and we also import from other countries around the world. We have developed an International network of producers & traders. We are also dedicated as a leader in the production of organic honey.

Our specialized team of Food technologists and our special department of Quality Assurance & Control are active in checking and analyzing each LOT we trade. We maintain high standards based on Certifications of International & European Standards, with a strict internal audit plan.

Our excellent quality of honey is confirmed by analyzes from internationally accredited laboratories. Analyses are done per batch and LOT, as per our internal plan, for:

Quality parameters, Commercial analysis, Antibiotics residues, Bee treatments and Pesticides, GMO, Authenticity and Adulteration (including foreign sugars, Caramel colour, Rice syrup, NMR and others) Heavy metals and minerals, Pollen analysis, Beerepellents and other residues.

We constantly monitor International, European & Domestic Legislation. We set the strictest standards for the quality of our products. Continuous information on all new data in Europe & the World through the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) and the statistical information of the accredited laboratories and the network of collaborators in Greece and Abroad.