Welcome to our new Olive Mill

The brand-new Olive Mill and Bottling Facility is now part of Faros Estate where we proudly cultivate 40.000 Olive Trees.

From the growth of the tree & the olive, to the production, standardization, storage & promotion of the olive oil, we have streamlined the process. What makes Sigri Olive Mill unique is the linear production with predetermined parameters for production conditions depending on the Quality, Variety and Degree of ripeness of the olive.

We want to contribute to everyone learning the high nutritional aspects of olive oil but also the true values that should govern every person. We work tirelessly for the common good, through constant development and a goal for true excellence.

The outstanding quality of our goods and services is the result of our people and an excellent team of partners. We combine sensitivity and dedication to our cultivation/production, our modern olive mill and bottling facility, thorough analyses in accredited laboratories, to packaging/graphics, storage, commercialization, promotion, and continuous training and communications. We have studied olives, and we will not stop learning. We know that our olive oil is among the best in the world. It is definitely unique, as all the above, the multifaceted know-how, the great will of our team, the specific varieties of olive trees, and the technology of our olive mill, do not coexist anywhere else in the world.

You can find more at www.sigriolivemill.health