From Full Container Loads to Jars and Sachets, Falcon has a very dynamic presence in Retail. We also partners with clients for development and launch of Private Label (PL) products.

Our team of people have also developed our own Brand: Ol-eve!

At Ol-eve we want to bring the best of the world on your table. Our dedication to a nutritious lifestyle which originates from within, gave us the incentive to travel and thoroughly select goods that meet our high – quality standards, all under the prism of sustainability. So, here we are, starting from Lesvos island, extending to the rest of Greece and the globe!

From loving the precious olive oil and olives, to the famous matcha, acerola, the non – deniable cocoa powder and delicious agave and maple sugar. We are amazed by the nutrition values, taste profiles and health benefits of such goods. The origins of our International products are China, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, Canada, Africa. And it is not just their food culture that is strong, but their unique character. We invite you to an adventure, a journey starting from original tastes!

We are active in several countries in Europe, North America and China.

You can visit our new E-Shop and learn more about our lovely products on